Action For Literacy

Dyslexia Action is proud to be working with KPMG to improve literacy in the UK.

Dyslexia Action is working with the National Literacy Trust as a partnership titled Action for Literacy which with the support of KPMG aims to help 10,000 young people gain access to better literacy provision and support 140 children every week through schools programmes.

We are pleased to announce that 17 months into the partnership, KPMG have raised over £350,000 for Action for Literacy and Shelter. Employees at KPMG have been busy raising money through activities such as a sponsored 100 kilometre indoor rowing race, quizzes, donating the first hour of their 2014 salary, book recycling, bake sales and much more.

KPMG employees are also busy supporting Action for Literacy by using their core skills of addressing problems and unlocking potential through skilled volunteering and pro bono work within the charities. To date over 130 KPMG staff have got involved with Action for Literacy programmes using their volunteering allowance to motivate children to read for pleasure, improve young people’s communication for the workplace, help children and young people improve their reading and spelling skills and transforming the learning environment for children and adults receiving specialist teaching at our centres.

Action for Literacy is a unique two-year partnership between Dyslexia Action and the National Literacy Trust.

It hopes to positively affect the millions of people in the UK affected by dyslexia and literacy difficulties. Without support these difficulties can result in limited opportunity to the life chances that all people deserve. Without literacy skills, the potential for social exclusion is far greater.

Through great projects and knowledge sharing Action for Literacy aims to prevent those with literacy difficulties and dyslexia from missing out on the life chances they deserve.

Both Dyslexia Action and the National Literacy Trust are delighted to be working with KPMG as one of their national charity partners. KPMG's great charity partnership consists of four areas of support: volunteering, fundraising, pro bono and lobbying.


KPMG employees can volunteer for a range of opportunities, depending on their office location, including helping young people develop their communication skills for the workplace, helping children and young people with reading, spelling and phonics and promoting reading as a fun activity through themed story sessions.


There's something for everyone in the range of fundraising activities available to support Action for Literacy. How about hosting a book swap party or literature-themed pub quiz, cooking a dinner for good, run, walk, swim, cycle, bake or anything else that takes your fancy. You can also donate to Action for Literacy through your salary by signing up to Payroll Giving. It is easy to set up tax efficient donations and you can choose your monthly donation amount.

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If you have any questions about Action for Literacy or are a KMPG employee and want to know how you can get involved please email or call Alison Miller at / 0845 054 6595.


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