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Units of Sound is an online literacy development programme developed by Dyslexia Action. It is suitable for Key Stage 2 through to adults and develops reading (decoding), spelling and writing skills. Students work independently on the computer with guidance and monitoring from a tutor.

How can I use Units of Sound at home? 

A specialist Dyslexia Action teacher can conduct regular online teaching sessions using remote access tools such as Skype. You may have weekly sessions with a specialist teacher at first, but as you progress through the programme you may only need them every few weeks or once a month. 

To find out more please email Hannah  or call 0207 391 2109

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What if I want to use Units of Sound independently?

We will be developing a parent’s version of Units of Sound. If you start having Units of Sound lessons remotely with a specialist teacher, you will be able to transfer over to it once it is ready. 

Can I see a demonstration of Units of Sound? 

Yes, we run regular free webinars to demonstrate how Units of Sound can help improve outcomes for you or your child. To register for a webinar sign up here.

Want to find out more or book a lesson?

Visit: Alternatively you can email Hannah or call 0207 391 2109.

Did you know?

The more you read, the easier it becomes. But for those who struggle with words, reading is not always fun, and it's easy to lose heart and stop trying. That's why Dyslexia Action has teamed up with Barrington Stoke to create a book guide designed to give you ideas of books that might appeal to dyslexic and reluctant young readers.