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Projects: 3. Catch-Up-Clubs

3. Catch-Up-Clubs

Catch-up clubs for children

Dyslexia Action runs free catch up clubs after school and on Saturday mornings, at its various centres throughout the country. The free catch-up club sessions are open to all children aged 11 to 16 and last for one hour each. 

An opportunity that could make a difference

These sessions are a great opportunity for children who may struggle with reading, writing or spelling to get that extra help, which could make a real difference to them.

The sessions focus on developing comprehension skills and the ability needed to make sense of unknown words; as well as spelling strategies and memory improvement techniques. Contact your nearest Learning Centre to see if they are running a Catch-Up-Club in your area.

Catch-up clubs for young people and adults 

Dyslexia Action also runs free Catch-up Clubs for young people and adults. In Scotland, our community-based Catch-up Club aims to support young people, as well as adults, with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) from some of Glasgow’s neighbourhoods which need the most support. Those attending are often not in education and may have poor literacy skills and low self-confidence, and experience difficulties when searching for and maintaining training or employment.

The Catch-up Club offers a structured programme of specialist tuition and support to enable people to move on in life and re-engage with education, training and employment. Those taking part work with Dyslexia Action's online Units of Sound programme, and other specialist learning resources, to improve their reading, spelling, memory and study skills. Some also attend our "Skills for Life - Manage your Money" numeracy training, on managing personal budgets and credit awareness.

The project is run in partnership with Glasgow Life libraries and also liaises with local community centres, schools and colleges, Jobcentre Plus, and other organisations working with people with dyslexia and SpLDs. 

If you have any concerns or would simply like to discuss the options available to you, you may find our free 30 minute advice sessions useful. 



Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty. Learn about what it is and how it’s recognised in the law.