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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential and integral element of a professional teacher/assessors expertise. Practitioner knowledge develops and transfers at an unprecedented pace in the digital age and specialist teachers need to stay at the forefront of all information in the field and to have access to the latest resources. 

This  Level 7 Continuing Professional Practice Award (DAAWD700) is designed to enable specialist assessors and teachers to explore the assessment and teaching intervention processes in depth. Each unit features theoretical input, a series of practical activities and a reflective element to drive practitioners to a constructive self-evaluation of their own professional practice. 

Once all three units have been completed, you will gain the "Professional Practice Award for Specialist Assessors".

Professional Practice Award for Specialist Assessors: 1. The Professional Practice Award for Specialist Assessors

1. The Professional Practice Award for Specialist Assessors

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Those who have studied at this level some time ago and wish to refresh their knowledge (e.g.  York Certificate/Diploma or Hornsby PG graduates)
  • Those who have studied at least Level 5 SpLD and are considering working towards Level 7 study

(Please contact us directly and before applying if you have studied on the Middlesex Accredited Postgraduate programme)

About the course

¹July and November units run over 8 weeks


Dyslexia Action Training is a SASC Authorised CPD Provider. These courses are suitable for those seeking to gain or renew their Assessment Practicing Certificate (APC). 5 hours of each unit of this course are recognised and accredited by SASC as fulfilling (5 per unit), in part, the (minimum) 20 CPD hours required over three years that contribute towards gaining or renewing an APC. APC candidates should present a representative portfolio of CPD study, professional development and self-directed learning. 

Pre-reading and assignments:

  • No pre-reading is necessary
  • Performance on these courses is assessed via a mixture of participation in the collaborative activities and the completion of a reflective log


Cost and how to book

These courses can be studied as individual units at £295 and then combined to receive an Award (once the three units have been completed if required).

To book on the individual units please click on the links below:

Accredited by

The SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC)

Contact us

For more information email us or call 01784 222304.