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Dyslexia Action is very fortunate to receive grants from several charitable trusts and foundations. But we still need more support, to enable us to help more people and continue providing our vital services, to ensure that dyslexia and other literacy difficulties are not a barrier to education, employment and fulfilment.

Our greatest need is for core funding, to enable us to support people directly through out Learning Centres and teaching outposts, of which there are over 100. However, we also require financial assistance towards our innovative and unique projects below.   

Dyslexia Action Maths Steps

A large proportion of dyslexic individuals have some difficulty with the acquisition of maths skills because of features of their dyslexia - weak auditory working memory in particular. This makes the learning and instant recall of number facts difficult, for example, the learning of multiplication tables. This project will offer unique maths training to specialist dyslexia teachers, who are not maths specialists, so they can better support their pupils in developing their mathematical skills.

Centre for Applied Research in Dyslexia and Literacy 

Despite 40 years of awareness-raising, there are still huge knowledge-gaps about dyslexia, amongst policy makers, educators, employers and parents. There is a recognised need for better research that puts scientific findings into meaningful and practical frameworks for teachers and others. The centre aims to conduct, evaluate and disseminate research that has a practical bearing on the development and delivery of services, products and information for people with dyslexia, literacy difficulties or specific learning difficulties. 

Catch-up Club

Our community-based Catch-up Clubs support children, young people and adults who are struggling with dyslexia and literacy difficulties, to re-engage with education or training and gain confidence and skills to help them move on in life. Clubs can take place in libraries, Community Centres and Job Centres and can support 30 individuals a year, through specialist literacy tuition and also financial management to help with employability skills. They provide a supportive peer network for the students over a sustained period. This is particularly important for those students who have learning difficulties and who may feel stigmatised or isolated from their peer group. 

Dyslexia Action Online Teaching

Through this project we wish to support children and young people aged 14-25 with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties who are home-schooled and/or living in remote areas, and for whom their hidden disability is a real barrier to learning. Dyslexia Action Online Teaching will deliver second chance educational opportunities to those taking part  through highly specialist teaching, especially those with special educational needs who are not appropriately supported through their current education.

Further information

If you would value further information about Dyslexia Action’s projects or would like to provide financial assistance, either as a one-off donation or long-term grant, please email our Trusts & Foundations Team: 

Sanja Shea or call 01784 222315 

Through our project work we aim to offer free support and help to those affected by literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.