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Give a regular donation directly through your pay and help a child or adult with dyslexia reach their full potential in life.  It’s quick and easy.  All you need to do is go to our online form and follow the instructions.

Why give through your pay?

Giving through your pay means that your donation will go much further. The donation is taken from your gross pay before tax is deducted, so it costs you less and is tax-free. HM Revenue & Customs then gives us that tax that they would have received from your pay.

This means that for a donation to Dyslexia Action of:

  • £5
    • You pay £4 (20% tax bracket)
    • You pay £3 (40% tax bracket)  
  • £10
    • You pay £8 (20% tax bracket)
    • You pay £6 (40% tax bracket)   
  • £15
    • You pay £12 (20% tax bracket)
    • You pay £9 (40% tax bracket)                                         

How it works

Once you’ve filled in the online form,  your donation will be set up for you by our payroll giving partner, Payroll in Action and your employer payroll department.  To fill out the form you will need your Employee number and your National Insurance number which can be found on your payslip.

To give to us in this way, your employer will need to operate a payroll giving scheme. If you're not sure if they do, fill in the form in any case and we will let you know.  If they don't have a payroll giving scheme, we can also provide them with information about how to set one up.

Changing jobs? 

When you change jobs your donation through your pay will automatically stop. To reactivate your donation with Dyslexia Action, simply fill in our online form with your new details.

Did you know?

Assistive technologies help with everyday literacy and organisation tasks from reading or writing to planning or making calculations.

Through our project work we aim to offer free support and help to those affected by literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.