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Assessment and screening : 1. About assessment and screening

1. About assessment and screening

Assessment is often the first step to understanding the obstacles that are getting in the way of progress and unlocking talent and self-belief.

Dyslexia Action offers different kinds of assessments to suit different needs. These are explained fully over the next few pages.

Dyslexia Action assessments are not ‘tests’ that give a yes/no answer; they are focused on understanding each person as an individual and on finding a positive way forward.  All of our assessments are followed up by practical advice, usually in a written report.

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Prior to booking an assessment we would advise you book in for a free advice session at your local Dyslexia Action Learning Centre, to discuss assessment options and gain specialist guidance. Advice sessions can be over the telephone or at the Learning Centre. 

To find out more about assessments and screenings, contact your local Learning Centre.

Abagail’s Story

Abagail was assessed by Dyslexia Action when she was 7 years old. She is now 12 and has been having lessons at Dyslexia Action Nottingham, since she was diagnosed.

“When I was assessed, and they told me I was dyslexic, I felt like it was something new; a new thing that been made up, because no one had told me about dyslexia before."

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