The zone by Morag Caunt                           

Age 11 and above

A collection of short stories focussing on modern teenage life, the challenges it presents and the support needed to navigate it.  Each story is very different but all of the characters have discovered ‘The zone’ and are getting support from it to both develop their artistic endeavours and as somewhere to go for advice.


 A Necklace of Raindrops by Joan Aiken and Jan Pienkowski                        

Age 5 and above

A delightful collection of short stories that are traditional and wholly untraditional at the same time.   Joan Aiken has crafted beautiful stories which are complimented by Jan Pienkowski’s stunning illustrations which use silhouettes on colourful backgrounds.  Definitely a good choice for bed time reading.


Magic Beans:  A handful of stories from the Storybag Retold by a range of famous authors

Age 7 and above

A selection of 14 familiar tales have been reimagined by some of the nation’s favourite children’s authors. As with all traditional tales these are stories to learn from.  Ask yourself if you would you give up everything for love like ‘The Little Mermaid’ or what you would do if you had to choose between golden treasure and friendship.


Lions and Unicorns by Michael Morpurgo 

Age 9 and above

A mixture  of Michael Morpurgo’s short stories and extracts from his novels have been put together to create this collection.   The stories are grouped in to themes including animals and war.  The selection will delight those who are already Morpurgo fans and would also serve as a good introduction to Morpurgo for a reader who hasn’t read his work before.


Give Peas a Chance by Morris Gleitzman 

Age 8 and above

Morris Gleitzman is one of those amazing authors who can make you smile at the same time as he presents something to you in a new light.  Serious issues become easier to discuss when raised through these amusing tales.  Certainly a good choice if you are looking for stories which will promote discussion.


Counting Stars by David Almond  

Age 11 and above

This collection of stories explores many aspects of David Almond’s life focussing on those events which have shaped him as a writer.  This delightful collection of stories of tragedy and happiness are suitable for those who are familiar with his work and for those who are meeting him for the first time through his short stories.


Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley        

Age 7 and above

A perfect book for readers who like ghosts, demons, blood and gore!  Edgar, the central character, makes regular visits to Uncle Montague’s house and hears tales linked to the strange objects he sees there.  A collection of spine-tingling stories, perfect for readers who enjoy being spooked.


Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan

Age 11 and above

Certainly a book which readers will want to return to and re-read time and time again.  Aliens who come to stay and magical rooms where you can experience the opposite season to the one outside your front door are encountered by average suburban folk.  The stories are enhanced by illustrations created in a range of different styles.


Haunted by Eleven well known children’s authors 

Age 12 and above

A collection of blood chilling short stories, some of which travel back in time whilst others bring present day ghosts to the reader’s attention.  Authors include Susan Cooper, Berlie Doherty and Philip Reeve. With authors like these in charge of the tale you know you are in safe hands.


Under the Weather by Tony Bradman 

Age 9 and above

Eight stories which focus on environmental changes around the world, viewing them through the eyes of children.  A superb collection of stories which encourages the reader to consider what they would do if they were faced with the same issues.  Definitely a good book choice for any eco-warrior readers.


Hopefully you will find a short story collection in this list that you would like to read.  Short stories can be written by anyone.  If you have been inspired to write your own short story we would love to hear from you.  Remember stories don’t have to be written with pencil and paper.  You could make a video of yourself telling your story or dictate it using speech to text technology!

The Book Blog is written by Alison Keeley who looks after Dyslexia Action’s Learning Centres in the South of England. Prior to joining Dyslexia Action Alison worked as a Deputy Head and for Booktrust. She has always read a wide range of children’s literature even though she technically stopped being a child some time ago. If you have any questions or suggestions about subjects for future blogs please do leave a comment below.

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