Me and Mister P by Maria Farrer

Me and Mister P book cover by Maria Farrer

Arthur has a lucky crystal which he uses to wish for things.  He tries wishing for a normal family and to be able to watch the cup semi-final without his brother Liam ruining it. He doesn’t wish for a polar bear to come and stay at his house, but that is what he gets!  Fortunately Mister P is a very special polar bear and he turns out to be exactly what the family needed.

Maria Farrer has created a funny, heart-warming story about the Mallows family.  The family are doing ok but, like most families, could do with a little help to get along.  The book contains many funny moments but also deals sensitively with real life situations.  The funny illustrations blend and mix with the story, often adding to the drama.

Stinky fish, a polar bear, ice cream and a camera, who knew these were the perfect ingredients for a laugh out loud book about family life?

You can see a trailer for Maria Farrer's book Me and Mister P here.

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Book review of Maria Farrer's Me and Mister P by Alison Keeley, Dyslexia Action’s South and Devolved Regions Manager