Music is something which is part of our daily lives.  We often choose to listen to music for enjoyment or relaxation.  Music also plays an important part in our favourite films and television shows.  Whilst looking for books involving music for this book blog I also found that there are books which use singing to help you learn Phonics, French and even Maths!  No matter what your musical ability hopefully there will be a book in this month’s book blog you will enjoy.

The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson   Illustrated by Lydia Monks     Age 3 and above

A mermaid who leaves her home at Silversands beach to join the circus soon realises her mistake.  Audiences are flocking to hear her sing but she wants to escape from her tank and return to the ocean.

Little Fin the Singing Fish by Daren King    Illustrated by Gill Guile            Age 3 and above

Little Fin wants to join the band but there aren’t any instruments left for her to play.  Fortunately she finds that there is a way to make music and join in with her friends. 

Amelia the Singing Fairy by Daisy Meadows        Age 6 and above

Amelia’s magic star has gone missing.  Unless she can find it again no one in Tippington will be able to sing in tune!  Will the star be found or will the Tippington Valley Show end in disaster?

Ada’s violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay by Susan Hood              Illustrated by Sally Wern Comport          Age 5 and above

A true story of the children of Catuera Paraguay who play in an orchestra with instruments made from other people’s rubbish.  Favio Chavez, a music teacher, was able to bring hope and innovation and change the town forever.

Rock War by Robert Muchamore          Age 11 and above

Jay, Summer and Dylan all have different reasons for joining the band.  They must all overcome their different challenges to perform at ‘Rock Wars’.  Will they win the prize they are dreaming of?  Only if they all get to the competition on time!

You don’t know me by Sophia Bennett                Age 11 and above

When Sasha and Rose make it to the finals of the TV show ‘Killer Act’ they are not expecting the TV show’s judges to make them choose between fame and friendship.  Will their friendship survive?

The Wind Singer by William Nicholson   Age 10 and above

An ancient statue stands in the town square of Aramanth.  It has been silent for years but in times gone by it made music whenever the wind blew.  Kestrel has rebelled against the city elders and she knows the only way to release her family from their punishment is to restore the voice of the Wind Singer.  A challenging  journey awaits her.

Dork Diaries: Pop Star by Rachel Renee Russell  Age 7 and above

The third book in the Dork Diaries series sees Nikki aiming to win her school’s talent show by singing and dancing with her friends.  Can Nikki win when the most popular girl in school, Mackenzie, is also taking part?

Liquidator by Andy Mulligan      Age 11 and above

The exciting launch of ‘Liquidator’ a brand new energy drink is due to take place as part of a huge international rock concert.  One of Vicky’s friends is even set to perform at the conference.  When the truth about the drink is accidentally uncovered by Vicky and her friends they must sabotage the conference to save the world!

Dive bombing by Bernard Ashley             Age 11 and above

15 year old Charlie Peat’s life just seems to get more and more complicated.  His guitarist father is on tour with his band in Trajanov, where terrorist attacks are an everyday occurrence.  Charlie’s decision to stay in the family home rather than with his grandparents leads to the terrorism of Trajanov being an experience far closer to home.

Can you recommend any books with a musical focus?  Read a book from this month’s book blog and let us know what you think.  What you would like future book blogs to focus on?  We would love to hear from you – you could even send us a musical message!